Mid century Collections

Mid century Collections

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Why Mid-Century Modern Lighting is Timeless
If you want your home or business to ravish with timeless style, clean lines, and organic form, mid-century modern lighting is just what you’re looking for. Characterized by the classic appeal from the post-war years in the middle of the 20th century, mid-century modern design is the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary.

By fusing contemporary innovation with inspiration from the 1950s, designers experimented with function, colour, and shape. Mid-century modern design is characterized by playful colours, authentic curves, and geometric shapes. Beyond just being a celebration of a distinct period, mid-century modern design relishes in functionality and form with notes of sleek lines and minimalist style. Mid-century modern blends diverse sets of materials and colours to produce enduring creations that will withstand the test of time. Mid-century lighting is the best way to tie your décor together to fit your taste and personality.
Mid-Century Modern Lighting for Every Room
There are many different options for mid-century lighting that will work best for your style and your home. If you want to add a classic mid-century modern touch to your space, place mid-century modern pendant lights as a decorative hanging focal point that will illuminate your space with bright, concentrated light. Whether you are looking for an understated piece or a striking lighting fixture, mid-century pendants come in all shapes, sizes, and colours to match your vision for your space.  Mid-century modern chandeliers are another fabulous hanging light option to add a sense of beauty and impact to your space. Aglaia also provides other options for your home:
Ring Chandeliers
Ring chandeliers don’t just brighten a room, they make a statement. Large diameters, tiers of lights and unique accents make these chandeliers a defining piece in your home. While many features a contemporary chic touch, they also pay tribute to traditional style.
Ring Lights
Ring lights typically come in the form of a singular circular fluorescent bulb that emits a soft, nearly shadowless and clean spread of light.
Wall Sconces
Wall sconces are a fantastic choice for any room in the house, whether it be the hallway or the living room, the bathroom or the study.
Glass Chandelier
Glass chandelier has a modern style and can light up large rooms so you can showcase your living space.
Chandeliers will not only transform the atmosphere of your kitchen, dining room, or entryway, but they will also save valuable space in your home.
If you are looking for chandeliers that are more luxurious, see our crystal chandeliers range. Aglaia Lighting – Chandeliers Melbourne.

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Mid century Collections

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Mid century chandelier

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Custom make Lighting

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Mid century chandelier

Magic beans


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