Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier

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Crystal Chandelier

Shop our crystal chandeliers online. We are one of the largest lighting distributors and manufacturers in Australia. Our chandeliers fit modern, vintage, and any other interior styles. They offer an untold luxury and nobility to properties. Every one of our chandeliers helps lift the entire mood of that room. We are proud that we are providing several types of high-quality crystal chandelier: Dining Chandelier, Pendant Chandelier, Ceiling Chandelier, and Hall Chandelier.

Crystal Chandeliers & Interior Design

Crystal chandeliers are great additions to most interiors. Depending on the installed location, crystals can help to disperse light from the internal bulbs to fill the space or focus light to a spot in the room.

For houses with high ceiling, crystal chandeliers are great fits to fill the space while spreading light across the entire space. While chandeliers are often seen as glamourous, minimalist designed crystal chandeliers can help upscale interior without unnecessary clutter.

If you are looking for more contemporary chandeliers, our brass chandelier range can be a great fit.

Dining Table Chandeliers

A dining table chandelier can help to scale the size of the dining room. This can bring a visual balance to the room. As a rule of thumb, a chandelier or pendant less than 60cm wide suits a room less than 3 meters wide best.

The shape of a chandelier should also match the shape of the dining table. For rectangular tables, try to create a larger shape with hanging fixtures next to a big round fixture. For square tables, keep the lights within the dimensions of the table with minimalist lighting.

Typically a chandelier should be approximately 76cm above the dining table. The light should form a focused spot in the middle of the table.

Using smart globes can help to bring a different environment for working or relaxing. These dimmable and even colour-changing globes can offer different brightness and mood to the dining room.

Pendant Chandeliers

Pendant chandeliers are commonly used for stylish interior designs. Merging it with the classic chandelier styling, pendent chandeliers often incorporates timber, bamboo, glass, concrete, copper, or brass to reinvent the classics.

The various shapes, style, and material of pendant lights make it versatile for many interiors. These help pendant light to be highly popular recently.

Ideal Height for Crystal Chandeliers

The ideal height for a chandelier is to form a pool of lights over the dinner table, but not blocking the sight of everyone at the table. Most contemporary chandeliers are hoisted with a spring or height adjuster, which can be adjusted to different heights of the floor and the need of different interior.

Quality of Crystal Chandelier

Every chandelier from the crystal product range creates a perfect impression thanks to the combination of crystal and polished brass. The overall effect is completed by hand cut or machine cut crystal trimmings. Our chandeliers are suitable for every interior, thanks to their neutrality. Feel free to browse our entire catalogue and choose a chandelier that you like.

Custom Crystal Chandeliers

Custom crystal chandeliers are available as well; please contact us at 0430 568 881 for a free consultation. Aglaia Lighting – Chandeliers Melbourne

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Crystal Chandelier

Bias Crystal Chandelier


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Crystal ceiling mounted

Aerial Ladder Crystal Chandelier


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Crystal Chandelier

Golden Age Crystal Wall Sconce

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