When designers are choosing hotel lamps, the result is often unsatisfactory. Therefore, many designers prefers custom hotel lighting. So, how does Aglaia Lighting ensure help designer to create the perfect hotel lighting? Let’s take a look at the complete process of customizing hotel lighting!

Throughout Communication

Hotel lighting requires custom touch and communication between interior designers and lighting designers. It is necessary to understand the intended styles and expected look of the lighting so the lighting designer can design quality and glamourous hotel lighting accordingly. Customized plans and designs will be created to help realise the result.

Inspecting The Hotel

Our lighting designers will visit the hotel premise to map out the rooms of the hotel for better lighting planning. Our designers will also discuss with your interior designers to understand their vision for the interior. From these discussions and inspections, our designers will determine and confirm a plan for the lighting arrangement before sending the lighting design to our factory.

Needing Inspirations For Chandeliers?

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